SALE: Content Proofreading

First in our series of future “service” sales is 50% off on “Content Proofreading.” Three clients maximum by confirmed purchase through PayPal invoicing. See “Editing” for further details and ask questions as needed via “Contact >> NDAS.”

Sale closes 12 noon PST on July 25, regardless of orders confirmed.


  1. Manuscript format in ODT, DOC, DOCX, RTF file; for details see the free Manuscript Format for Independent Authors in the Bookshop under NDAS “I.A.” Series;
  2. Maximum word count 100k;
  3. No Graphic Inserts; use standard insert notation to indicate later placements;
  4. Suggested corrections entered through “Track Changes” plus “Track Comments” only.
  5. Direct orders only; sale does not apply to orders through 2nd/3rd party systems.

Your proofread manuscript will be returned in both DOC and ODT format. Use Microsoft “Word” [DOC] or LibreOffice / OpenOffice “Writer” [ODT] to access your proofread version. Review, accept, reject and/or alter tracked changes at your discretion before committing one or all for your final version.

Ask questions as needed, but the clock is ticking! Have your manuscript ready for preview.

N.D. Author Services [NDAS]