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About Fonts…

Can I choose fonts for my layout, cover, ebook, etc.?

Yes. Provide the font's name—not “file name”—and [if possible] a web address to see it in use. Do no send a font image sample until requested.

If we do not have the font in our library, we may be able to acquire it or suggest a close match. We recommend FOS [Free Open Source] fonts wherever possible; NDAS specializes in this.

ATTENTION: Free and/­or public domain fonts are not the same as FOS fonts; this is a widespread misconception. The former may have limitations on commercial use.Some at Google are not FOS; we will help you with the difference:

Fonts used in the NDAS site are from [Open]

Can I show you a font I want used, even from another book?

Perhaps. Provide the font's name—not “file name”—and [if possible] a web URL address as a way to see it in use. Do no send an image sample until requested. If it is a commercial font not in our library, we may recommend a close match in a FOS [Free Open Source] font.

Can I send you a font I want used?

No. It is illegal to redistribute commercial fonts. This may include ones pre­-installed with Windows or OSX, which are generally neither FOS nor Public Domain.

If the font is public domain or FOS [Free Open Source], then we may already have it. Supply the URL where you found/­acquired the font, so that we can verify its licensing by the current version.

WARNING: All fonts have versions and licensing can change by version like any other code/­software.

About Images / Graphic Elements…

Can I include graphics in my print and/or ebook edition?

Yes, with requirements. We need graphics specifications from your press and the intended print mode: B&W, grayscale, or color (CMYK or RGB). All graphics must be separate files at a ppi necessary for area coverage by print resolution. Consult with us by supplying the name/­URL of your chosen press.

About ePUB / eBooks: vendors have differing limits on imagery count, size, total file volume, etc. Consult with us about your primary ebook vendor and others you plan to use.

Do you have images that I can use in my print and/or ebook edition?

Yes. NDAS maintains its own growing library of stock imagery. Before purchasing products or services, supply upto five keywords for an image search, which must be run overnight. Pertinent results will be provided in a thumbnail preview PDF.

Use of 1 NDAS stock image is included in most cover orders. NOTE: you will not receive a copy of any image files from the NDAS stock library.

Can you purchase images I pick out online and add the cost to my invoice?

No, and you do not want this. If NDAS purchases an image, the purchased rights of use list “N.D. Author Services“ as the controller; such rights of use are not transferable by re-sale unless purchased at a higher re-sale price. Billing you for the image—even at the original price—counts as re-sale, which is illegal.

All contrary claims elsewhere are false, including in the general self-publishing community.

Exception: when working with orders through third party systems which offer imagery internally for purchase, such are from the third party system by its own arrangements.

If you wish to retain purchased usage rights to the image, then you must purchase and deliver the image(s) for designated use. We will assist and advise you.

Can I provide image elements to use?

Yes, with requirements. Provide verifiable documentation that you own and/or licensed correct rights for use in a commercial product. A PDF print copy of your purchase receipt or signed letter of release from a photographer/illustrator or purchase through a third party ordering system will be enough. This is for your legal protection as well as ours.

You must also provide image(s) at suitable resolution / size for the designated work. Consult with us first before purchase—either from a stock vendor or artist—and we will advise you. We have an “upscaling” process superior to “resizing” useful in some situations when an image is not available at the necessary resolution.

About Something Else…

What if my question is only partly answered here or not at all?

Please contact us, as we are available to help you. Your question and the answer may be something to share herein with others.

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