Resources: Publishing: Kompozer (for HTML & Blog)

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Many like to think we are always online and connected, especially host systems for those blogs that authors should have. This is false and inconvenient when a notion pops up for your next article.

Instead of noting it somewhere when you are not connected, author that article a bit at a time in native web HTML whenever (wherever) a notion strikes you. And do so just like in a wordprocessor.

Kompozer is an open source, free web coding application, but you can use it for authoring blog articles. It has HTML/Code view as well as WYSIWYG. When the article is done, and you are online again, copy the article's HTML into your blog editor’s HTML view. Publish and get back to writing that next book.

Don’t be a slave to connectivity at any time. Much as Kompozer is for web coding, for its purpose to authors it has been placed under “Resources: Publishing.”