Q&A: NDAS “Bookshop”

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A few questions came in over the last moon or two. We waited to pick some of more general interest. Along the way, we also made changes to the “Bookshop.” Have a quick read and then take advantage of what else we now offer at the end.

Q: With so much content in stores priced low or free, why pay for a “digest” made with public domain content?

We have no expectations concerning purchase of our digests. We are aware of the glut of public domain content already in the vendor sites. We create our digests for (1) the fun of it and (2) a minimal example of what we can provide our clients. (See the recent post on “ePUB Services.”) And yes, ebooks with public domain content are everywhere.

Our pricing is above what many expect, given the blitz of self-publishing that now drives ebook prices to nearly nothing; more and more authors grow desperate for reader attention at any price (or the lack of one). We think there is a limit to how low prices should go (and for how long) before readers catch on such tricks.

Remember the old truism: “You get what you pay for.” And sometimes what you get is not enough for “free.”

We try to make our digests worthy, and we will go a step further. See the announcements that follow at the end of this Q&A.

Q: With the recent addition of client publications in the “bookshop,“ are you going to do the same for everyone who purchases goods and/or services from NDAS?

Sorry, but no. We will likely present 4 to 8 out of recent projects completed, rotating new content in to replace old, regardless of type of services and/or products purchased. We also reserve the right to change this policy. Our time should be devoted to serving clients and expanding products and services versus managing a little known/visited “bookshop.”

Please do not be offended if your project with NDAS does not make it into our “bookshop”; we will still help promote it in our way with a press release through our news/social channels, if you wish. We do not charge clients for this.

Q: When previewing a “digest,” online or as a loaded sample, how can I see real content when front matter uses up the amount of preview allowed?

A good point and a definite problem. Our digests are assembled to cross promote each other and do have extra front content. We can see how that limits getting a look at what you might really want to read. And so…

Now Available: NDAS Digest “Samplers”


Starting with our first “digest” release, “Samplers” for each will be made available for direct download / sideload from the Bookshop. Whether or not we load these to our selected vendor outlets has yet to be determined. Each sampler will contain (1) one major work or (2) an equal content amount by the specified author.

First in our catch up is Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen from the The Jane Austen Digest, with a download link in the Bookshop’s new “Samplers” section. Other “samplers” will follow for previous releases and new ones yet to come. Enjoy a free treat directly from N.D. Author Services… with more to come!

Permanent Price Reduction

All digests are now priced at $2.99 USD regardless of content amount. This also means we will be judicious about which classic author’s body of work is enough for a digest. In that, you can have voice. Use our secured “Contact” section to tell us:

  1. Which classic author you would like to see as the next NDAS “Digest,” and/or
  2. Which work in a currently released digest should be released as a “Sampler”?

We are waiting to hear from you—but not through a social system, please.

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