15X15 “Flash Sale”—NOW OPEN!!!


All Premade Covers are Now on Sale:

“ePUB Only” purchases are $15 USD (that is %50 OFF).
“plus Print” purchases are 15% OFF (that is $85 USD).

This “Flash Sale” ends at 6AM PST on Sunday, 2015/08/23 (that’s tomorrow morning). All cover prices have been changed globally for the sale; ignore the listed prices in “About” in the “Gallery of Premade (e)Book Covers.” Use the add to cart buttons under any cover and receive the discount automatically; if the standard price pops up by chance, cancel your order and notify us. Spread the word to anyone else who might be interested.

No, this will not be our only sale. Yes, future ones might apply to other NDAS products and services. We might give pre-notice (or not), so better keep an eye out for them.