UPDATE: Changes and More…

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The Hendees have finished relocating (as did the NDAS resources server with them). Between serving clients and addressing some ongoing site issues, there has been little visible activity at NDAS online. Time for an update on some changes…

The Gallery of Premade (e)Book Covers

The gallery has long been plagued by server-side bugs in its dynamic function. We have completely rewritten its code and structure to get around such limitations. We invite you to have a peek. You should not notice most changes other than stable functionality. If you do notice something amiss or odd, please take the time to report it.

The End of Posted Covers

NDAS will no longer post individual premade covers to its newsfeed and social system accounts. Instead, when a batch of new covers (3, 5, or 7) are ready for viewing and purchase, a collective announcement will be made, including through our social accounts and satellite sites. (see “Follow NDAS” in the right sidebar on most NDAS pages.)

Such announcements will be visually identified by a cover collage image, such as the example at the head of this update. You can then hop over to the gallery to see what is new. We will try to mention the categories in which new covers can be found.

24 Hour “Flash” Sales

Coming soon, we will begin offering new incentives and ways to save on products and services. Watch for any announcement of a “Flash Sale.” The first should be coming in about a week. All such will last 24 hours but with a 24 hour notice before the sale begins. This way, you can plan ahead to take advantage.

Business as Usual

More changes will be coming. We hope to open up more “Editing” services in the near future but will wait until current changes stabilize. Thank you for taking a moment with us today, and we hope to serve you in the near future.