SALE: Content Proofreading

First in our series of future “service” sales is 50% off on “Content Proofreading.” Three clients maximum by confirmed purchase through PayPal invoicing. See “Editing” for further details and ask questions as needed via “Contact >> NDAS.”

Sale closes 12 noon PST on July 25, regardless of orders confirmed.


  1. Manuscript format in ODT, DOC, DOCX, RTF file; for details see the free Manuscript Format for Independent Authors in the Bookshop under NDAS “I.A.” Series;
  2. Maximum word count 100k;
  3. No Graphic Inserts; use standard insert notation to indicate later placements;
  4. Suggested corrections entered through “Track Changes” plus “Track Comments” only.
  5. Direct orders only; sale does not apply to orders through 2nd/3rd party systems.

Your proofread manuscript will be returned in both DOC and ODT format. Use Microsoft “Word” [DOC] or LibreOffice / OpenOffice “Writer” [ODT] to access your proofread version. Review, accept, reject and/or alter tracked changes at your discretion before committing one or all for your final version.

Ask questions as needed, but the clock is ticking! Have your manuscript ready for preview.