Now Available... FOR FREE!

The H.G. Wells Digest, Volume One: SF&F Novels

The first of our Wells' published collections available for free through Barnes & Noble as an ebook compilation. NDAS will never charge for public domain content.

"Volume Two: Other Novels" will follow soon. Yes, multiple novels in each volume, comfortably packaged so you won't clutter your ebook shelf will individual titles. See our Bookshop for further details and links.

Why Not Amazon?

Amazon wants to be the only source on its system for public domain content. It chooses to publish such works one by one instead of as collections. Imagine all of those titles cluttering your ereader library shelf. Our collections are more convenient.

Why not Kobo this time?

Kobo / Rakuten now rejects content in the public domain IF not so in every country of distribution. After parrying down distribution to countries known as viable and legal, it was rejected twice more with no further explanation. Previously publish NDAS Digests remain available, but NDAS will no longer distribute through Kobo.

How do I access this title if I don't have a B&N device?

If you use an Android, Windows or iOS device, free apps are available. There are apps for all desktops as well.

YOUR DON'T NEED A READER OF ANY KIND, only a login account at B&N (no purchase necessary). See HERE.