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The Brom Stoker Digest

A NDAS "Digest" edition compiled by N.D. Author Services (ND­Au­thor­Ser­vices­.com). The main public domain fiction (plus ad­di­tion­al) works of Brom Stoker con­verted for easy read­ing by cross-plat­form ebook / ePUB stan­dards. This volume includes:

NOVELS: Dracula; The Jewel of Seven Stars; The Lair of the White Worm a.k.a The Garden of Evil; The Man a.k.a. The Gates of Life; The Mys­tery of the Sea; The Lady of the Shroud (Books 1-9); The Snake's Pass; The Watter's Mou'; The Shoul­der of Shasta.

NOVELETTES-NOVELLAS: Buried Trea­sures; The Crystal Cup; The Chain of Destiny; The Dual­ists a.k.a. The Death Doom.

COLLECTIONS (Fiction): Dracula's Guest [and Other Short Works]; Snow­bound; Under the Sunset and Other Stories.

SHORT STORIES: “The 'Eroes of the Thames”; “Greater Love"; “The Man from Shorrox'"; “Our New House"; “The Red Stockade"; “In the Valley of the Shadow"; “The Way of Peace"; “A Yellow Duster".

NON-FICTION: “The Censorship of Fiction".

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