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The Oscar Wilde Digest: Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry & Drama

The public domain non-fiction, fiction, poetry/verse and drama (stage plays) of Oscar Wilde in one volume con­verted for easy read­ing by cross-plat­form ebook / ePUB stan­dards. See the Bookshop under “Digests.” Intended for personal use but may be applicable to some scholastic needs as well. []


Why not at Amazon/KDP

There are five reasons:

  1. Amazon/KDP does not support “free-FOREVER” ebooks.
  2. The Amazon storefront is littered with individual texts by public domain authors at $0.99 USD or higher.
  3. Hundreds of individual self-publishers have done the same.
  4. Contrary to #2 and #3, Amazon continually rejected our publications until we directly proved all content by individual work was within international public domain. Even when we did so, publications were rejected without specifics.
  5. To collect all works by one author at Amazon/KDP, you will spend $15 to $150+ USD.

Until at least #1 changes, we will not again attempt to distribute our “digests” through Amazon/KDP.

If I have only a Kindle device, how can I add/read any digest?

You have two options to consider:

  1. Buy/use a tablet instead of a branded ereader: the cost of a new Kindle device is now 2 or 3 times the cost of a basic tablet. (We suggest Lenovo for those who favor Android devices. You will be able to (1) install apps to multiple ebook stores and (2) install the Kindle app to access all previously purchases ebooks.
  2. If you use a smartphone, you are already using a [mini]tablet that can install reading apps from anywhere.