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The Jane Austen Digest, 2nd Edition

A NDAS "Digest" edition compiled by N.D. Author Services. The 2nd edition of the USA public domain fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama of Jane Austen con­verted for easy read­ing by cross-plat­form ebook / ePUB stan­dards. More volumes by classic authors are coming in the future.

Links available in the Bookshop under "Digests." All NDAS “Digests" are intended for personal use but are applicable to scholastic needs as well. A special section has been added to the ebook contents with usage advice pertaining to students and instructors of literature from High-School to University

Reader's Q&A…

Are they really free?

Yes, though only through selected online bookstores (but not Amazon). See links in "Bookstore >> Digests".

Why not at Amazon/KDP?

For the following reasons:

  1. Amazon/KDP does not support FREE FOREVER ebooks.
  2. A/KDP sells 1 title (not collections) at $0.99+ USD.
  3. Dozens (and dozens) of self-publishers do the same, both profiting from works they did not author.
  4. You will spend $20+ to $100+ USD for the major works of 1 classic author.
  5. Your ereader book­shelf will be overloaded with too many individual titles / ebooks.
  6. While NDAS once sold a PD volume (with dozens of titles included) for $0.99 USD, we changed out minds a while back. All of our digests are now FREE-FOREVER through selected ebook vendors.
Why not make them available for direct download?

We attempted this once. Within 30 days, we identified (by hidden markers in our digests) over 2 dozen cases of content theft of our work.

While content is in USA Public Domain, our work is not. Staff are paid for their time—days, weeks, months—which is absorbed internally at NDAS.

More new and/or updated "Digests" are pending in the future around serving our clients—independent authors as well as work for bus. / corp. / gov. division clients. Check in once in a while to see what's new.