Pricing & Rates

Service Rate Unit Minimum
Structural Review $10 USD per 1k words $100 USD
Line/Copy Edit $5 USD per 1k words $50 USD
“Content” Proofread $2 USD per 1k words $30 USD
“Product” Proofread $3 USD per 1k words $45 USD
Other Variable Variable

Your Editor

J.C. Hendee, NDAS proprietor: M.A. English, Creative Prose; 30+ years work in the industry; 15+ years professionally contracted author; novels distributed by publisher in upto 24 countries, upto 5 languages, most in audio (English).


Editing processes are ordered separately (in most cases) and should be applied in the following order by you and/­or a professional. Yes, you may order only the one(s) you need.

ATTENTION: English Only. Manuscript review required before ordering to avoid wasting time/money on the wrong services.

1. Structural [Analysis] Review the Manuscript

Standard manuscript format required. Premise, character, plot and setting in fiction for an engaging experience. Logic, flow of concepts, clarity of subject matter (fiction or non-fiction).

2. Line/Copy Edit the Manuscript

Standard manuscript format required. Effective structure and clarity leading from one textual passage to the next. Spelling, punctuation and grammar by standard Track Changes (DOC, DOCX, ODT).

3. “Content” Proofread the Manuscript

Standard manuscript format required. Final pre-layout refinement of content before all layout processes / phases by standard Track Changes (DOC, DOCX, ODT).

4. Layout for Print and/or eBook

No editing processes applicable.

5. “Product” Proofread the Layout [Post-Layout]

“Press-Ready” PDF by press production specifications required. Layout structure and block-level style consistency (as well as textual content) are reviewed. Corrections by industry standard ACNs [Author Change Notes].

For eBook Only Releases, product proofread of PDF output of content required for later export to ebook formats. We will advise on this process; it is not as complicated as assumed.

For ordering, payment and delivery, see “About >> Your Order.” When ready to order, “contact NDAS

How It Works

  1. After invoice and payment, submit textual content in one file. Indicate your text's English standard (US, GB, AU, etc.).

    • Pre-Layout Editing Services—standard manuscript format (DOC, DOCX, ODT, WPS, or RTF).

    • Post-Layout Editing Services—“Product” Proofread Only; Press-Ready PDF required; state final print format, press name & URL for us to acquire print specifications to check.

  2. Your editor enters suggested changes and comments in recorded “track changes” within your manuscript file; permanent changes are never entered. For Structural Editing, little if anything is entered into the manuscript; subject matter vs. prose content is handled through additional documents.

  3. Other documents may be included based on mode of editing.

  4. Your edited manuscript [with any additional documents] is returned via email in DOC, DOCX, or ODT format (your choice).

Review your returned content and apply your own edits on top of the editor's for layered refinement. When finished, accept (commit) or reject (delete) edits through “track changes,” individually or all once.

ATTENTION: You do not need Microsoft Word to do so. See “Resources: Office”.

Your NDAS editor is always available; use our main contact email and address your editor by name. [Yes, it really is that simple.] Your email address is not shared outside of NDAS.

See pertinent subsections for further details. If uncertain how your needs fit within these guidelines, or you need something not mentioned, then contact NDAS. We are happy to advise you before you engage our editing services.