Pricing & Rates

Service Rate Unit Minimum
Standard $5 USD per 5K words +
1 Graphic or Table*
$20 USD
Extra Graphics and Tables** $5 USD per 4 or less $5 USD
* Table or other non-linear text block isolated from standard text flow.
** For count above allowed with word count.

ATTENTION: English Only. Manuscript review required before ordering, so you do not waste time/money on the wrong services for your content.

Print + eBook

If you need a print edition as well, see our Print [Layout] section for combined service to save money.

Correct Focus with Flexibility

NDAS follows industry standards set by the IDPF: Int'l Digital Publishing Forum, Trade and Standards Organization for the Digital Publishing Industry (globally). Thereby our coded ebooks work for the top market distribution points. We can also correct or enhance an ePUB created elsewhere.

NOTE: vendors do not govern or set ePUB/ebook code standards.

eBook Layout & Compile
Frequently Asked Questions

Can you create an ebook in my vendor's format?

Yes, though this is unnecessary. All ebooks are first created and compiled in the global ePUB format. You can upload this file to any vendor's self-publishing portal. The ePUB is then converted to any vendor's proprietary / alternative format. Yes, this include's Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

If you feel the need, we can convert and deliver 27 other ebook formats along with the ePUB, including MOBI and AZW for Kindle/Amazon.

What if my ebook is rejected by a self-publishing portal?

Such occurrences are rare, as we triple validate all ePUB files through 3 distinctly different processes. Return to NDAS with the specific details of errors reported by your chosen SP portal, so we can effectively adjust for any problems encountered (at no further charge).

About Fonts…

Can I choose fonts for my layout, cover, ebook, etc.?

Yes. Provide the font's name—not “file name”—and [if possible] a web address to see it in use. Do no send a font image sample until requested.

If we do not have the font in our library, we may be able to acquire it or suggest a close match. We recommend FOS [Free Open Source] fonts wherever possible; NDAS specializes in this.

ATTENTION: Free and/­or public domain fonts are not the same as FOS fonts; this is a widespread misconception. The former may have limitations on commercial use.Some at Google are not FOS; we will help you with the difference:

Fonts used in the NDAS site are from [Open]

Can I show you a font I want used, even from another book?

Perhaps. Provide the font's name—not “file name”—and [if possible] a web URL address as a way to see it in use. Do no send an image sample until requested. If it is a commercial font not in our library, we may recommend a close match in a FOS [Free Open Source] font.

Can I send you a font I want used?

No. It is illegal to redistribute commercial fonts. This may include ones pre­-installed with Windows or OSX, which are generally neither FOS nor Public Domain.

If the font is public domain or FOS [Free Open Source], then we may already have it. Supply the URL where you found/­acquired the font, so that we can verify its licensing by the current version.

WARNING: All fonts have versions and licensing can change by version like any other code/­software.

About Images / Graphic Elements…

Can I include graphics in my ebook content?

Yes, with requirements. Consult with us by supplying the name/­URL of your chosen vendor.

About ePUB / eBooks: vendors have differing limits on imagery count, size, total file volume, etc. Consult with us about your primary ebook vendor and others you plan to use.

Do you have images that I can use in my print and/or ebook content?

No, in general. NDAS maintains its own growing library of stock imagery. In general, they are only for use in cover design.

Can you purchase images I pick out online and add the cost to my invoice?

No, and you do not want this. If NDAS purchases an image, the purchased rights of use list “N.D. Author Services“ as the controller; such rights of use are not transferable by re-sale unless purchased at a higher re-sale price. Billing you for the image—even at the original price—counts as re-sale, which is illegal.

All contrary claims elsewhere are false, including in the general self-publishing community.

Exception: when working with orders through third party systems which offer imagery internally for purchase, such are from the third party system by its own arrangements.

If you wish to retain purchased usage rights to the image, then you must purchase and deliver the image(s) for designated use. We will assist and advise you.

Can I provide image elements to use in my print and/or ebook content?

Yes, with requirements. Provide verifiable documentation that you own and/or licensed correct rights for use in a commercial product. A PDF print copy of your purchase receipt or signed letter of release from a photographer/illustrator or purchase through a third party ordering system will be enough. This is for your legal protection as well as ours.

You must also provide image(s) at suitable resolution / size for the designated work. Consult with us first before purchase—either from a stock vendor or artist—and we will advise you. We have an “upscaling” process superior to “resizing” useful in some situations when an image is not available at the necessary resolution.

How It Works

NOTE: In combined orders for print and ebook, print layout is completed first. Its styling is exported to the nearest equivalent in ebook format.

  1. After invoice and payment, submit manuscript in DOC(X), ODT, WPS, or RTF format (other file formats may be possible) plus:

    • English language standard (US, GB, AU, etc.) or other;
    • metadata content for embedding (genre, keywords, synopsis, etc.);
    • non-textual content (graphics, etc.), regardless of embedding in the manuscript (in case of corrections or improvements needed).

    Exception: If ordering for print plus ebook, see “How?” under “Services: Print Layout.”

  2. The layout technician [LT] restructures content for clean export to the designated ebook format, complete with styles used in a print edition (where possible).

  3. Table of Contents (systemic and in-line) is constructed.

  4. Metadata, FOS SIL fonts and media are embedded.

  5. Final review of style and structure at the code level; we do not simply export and deliver like other services that use only a compiler from one ebook vendor.

  6. “Proof” ePUB is delivered with instructions for completing your “Author Change Notes” [ACN] document.

  7. Step 6 may be repeated upto 3 times within standard billing.

  8. The final ebook is delivered along with other products and or services invoiced in the same order.

Your NDAS LT is always available; respond via our contact account and address your LT by name. [Yes, it really is that simple.]

See pertinent subsections for further details. If uncertain how your needs fit within these guidelines, or you need something not mentioned, then “contact” us. We are happy to advise you—before you engage our services.

Correct Your ePUB File
Created Elsewhere

Price: Variable; Minimum $15

All ePUBs worked on by NDAS are triple validated [see “How?”]. If your ePUB was created elsewhere, we can check and correct it if rejected by a self-publishing [SP] portal due to internal errors.

Often the problem is small and can be fixed quickly. After arranging submission of your ePUB—with documented problems—we will:

  1. triple validate it,
  2. present a list of needed corrections, and
  3. provide a price quote for the work.

After invoicing through PayPal and completed payment, typical turnaround is 48 hours during weekdays. Should your corrected ePUB be rejected, you may return a second time [only] for more adjustments at no additional charge. You must supply the exact errors encountered.

ATTENTION: NDAS does not guarantee that a fully valid ePUB will be accepted at all SP portals; no one can legally make such a promise to you. Lesser portals are known to have fallen behind current IDPF code standards.

Convert to ePUB (MOBI, AZW, etc.)
Created Elsewhere

We handle print, PDF, word processor files and more for conversion to ebook. Do not be fooled by offers of format specific transcoding such as for Kindle/MOBI/AZW. We will provide you the ePUB plus other formats (AZW and MOBI) upon request.

Uploading a fully valid ePUB to any self-publishing [SP] account will automatically enclose your ePUB in the vendor's proprietary format and/or container. Amazon is the only vendor to use an alternative internal format called MOBI (wrapped in its AZW container). Originally developed by Sony in the late 80s, it was quickly abandoned everywhere else on the planet in favor of the global ePUB standard.

NOTE: Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing [KDP] portal will convert a valid ePUB file automatically. We provide you an AZW and MOBI format in case Amazon chokes on a valid ePUB file.

Enhance Your eBook
Created Elsewhere

Price: Variable; Minimum $20

From embedding imagery acceptable to your targeted portal to adding custom fonts and layout attributes, we can (re)prepare your ePUB as closely as possible to desired design considerations. Print emulation in an ebook environment is never completely possible, but ePUBs are also capable of adaptations that print cannot accomplish.

Discuss your needs and wants with us and indicate any special platform considerations.

Please be aware that not all platforms display special layouts and features by default; Amazon/Kindle is the worst in this area because of the limits inherent in its outdated MOBI ebook format. For other ereaders and devices, readers may need to turn on “Publisher Defaults.” There are ways to indicate this and thereby provide them your enhanced layout for a better “book” experience.