About Your Order

All purchases by individuals are invoiced through PayPal. For business, corporate, government divisions and other entities, please have an authorized representative contact NDAS for payment setup.

After reviewing our offerings, private clients also use contact NDAS to tell us your needs. For all else, including orders in process, please do the same.

All clients are treated equally once placed on our schedule. Your project's position will not be superseded by a later order.


Work on your order begins after remittance of:

  • Full payment on invoices less than $50 USD;
  • 15% (minimum $50 USD) on invoices greater than $50 USD;
  • full payment by your choice.


For Deposits: invoice balance is due before delivery of completed materials.

For Deliveries: see “General Questions” in our FAQ page.

ATTENTION: all emails concerning deliveries must use the address in the original order/­invoice; no exceptions. This provides minimum certainty that only the paying client receives completed materials.

Early Termination

Upon request, we provide an itemized invoice for billable hours/­resources not covered by a deposit for work so far to be delivered. If you paid in full and terminated before project completion, then itemized billable hours/­resources will indicate refund amount.

Refunds must be processed through your original payment method; no exceptions. Other limitations that do not override the above may apply.

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