All services $30/hour; billed by 1/4 hour; mininum $60 USD for first time clients. For estimates, have your manuscript and/or other details ready for review.

For Editing and Layout [Print and/or eBook], 10% of word count across random pages is sampled as well as number of internal non-text elements for hours estimate. Actual time/­cost may vary between 50%-200%. Final billing (minus deposit) based on actual time (max. 200% of estimate).

For (e)Book Cover and other graphics services, time is dependent on how many visual elements must be masked, refined and blended for final result.

See “F·A·Q” for common questions. Contact NDAS for other concerns.

How It Works

After invoice and deposit submit the following via email attachment or online download links:

  • all textual content organized in one manuscript format file (DOC[X], ODT, WPS, or RTF);
  • English language standard: US, GB, AU, etc.;
  • Internal imagery as separate files at the necessary resolution (min. 300ppi).

Your NDAS LT is always available for questions through our contact email account; simply respond via that account and address your LT by name.