Custom/Premade (e)Book Covers

Custom cover work is scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis; ordering and customizing a “Premade” cover without need of extensive image work is usually expedited more quickly. Query us about current scheduling, as we have several designers on staff. Time to completion does not include time for pre-order consultation.

Cover Setup & Development

Our master template is 600ppi and 3:2 ratio for quick adaptation to other formats and resolutions, as well as for HiRes/Retina-Ready ebook covers.

Change of ratio for one print format does not affect price. Multiple print formats require re-rigging for each additional one, and thereby affects price.

For ordering, payment, and delivery, see “About >> Your Order.” When ready to order, see “Contact >> Submit Query.”

Premade Covers

See our “Gallery of Premade Covers” subsite. Copy cover code(s) to submit query for purchase; code suffix (L0, L1, etc.) indicates price tier.

Tier Description eBook +Print
L0 Created with only 1 stock image from our library. $10 $25
L1 Created with 1-2 stock images from our library and/or other postwork. $20 $45
L2 Created with 2+ stock images from our library plus postwork/effects. $25 $55
L3 Created with 3+ stock images from our library plus extra postwork/effects. $35 $75

Details & Limitations

  • All covers come with 1 free Mock-up per format purchased; see “Publications” and/or “Devices” and other categories in our “Mock-ups Gallery.”
  • Editing a “premade” cover's image costs extra by amount of work.
  • Master layout file and NDAS stock image files not included.
  • Textual content is edited for your cover, including font/effects.
  • eBook only purchases are exported at 3:2 ratio.
  • eBook + Print purchases are exported with ebook ratio matching print front cover.

NOTICE: Premade covers are removed after purchase. After one year, a single image element within such covers may be re-used in a future cover. With our growing archive of stock imagery, repeat use is unlikely and has not occurred so far.

How It Works

  1. After invoice and payment, you submit as much of the following as is necessary via email attachment or download link (may vary between a custom or premade cover):

    • any imagery purchased [by our instructions];
    • filenames for NDAS stock to be used (as selected from provided thumbnail PDFs); NDAS offers free use of 1 of our stock images per cover order.
    • font names by text element applicable,
    • any other front/back cover text content needed.
  2. The designer confirms requirements specified during consultation and/or ordering.

    • For print, templates & specifications are acquired from your press. If not publicly available without a purchaser's login, you must acquire and deliver these; see Template [& Specifications].
    • For ebook, our default ratio (3:2) will be used unless you specify another.
  3. Upon initial cover assembly, a half-size proof is provided for your review and submission of refinement instructions. Repeat as necessary upto 3 times. Refinement must be based on original instructions; deviation into a new design may require re-invoicing (see FAQ).

  4. Upon final approval, additional products/services ordered that require your finished cover (Social Graphics, Promotional Materials, Mock-ups, etc.) are assembled.

  5. Your cover and other products/services in the invoice are delivered at the same time. On custom cover orders, this will include the Photoshop CC master file.

    ATTENTION: NDAS stock images used will be merged with other graphic layers to protect our purchased stock rights. If only 1 NDAS stock image is used for the cover, it will be merged with textual layers to protect our purchased stock rights.


  • Image elements you provide are never reused by NDAS, though they are archived with your project for 1 year from completion should you need additional products/services related to the cover.

  • Image elements NDAS provides from its stock library are marked and not re-used for one year. You will not receive a copy of stock images licensed to NDAS.

  • NDAS does not guarantee against stock image elements being acquired/used by other cover designers, authors, or anyone else. No cover designer working with stock imagery can legally make this guarantee.



Premade or Custom NDAS covers require attribution at the end of the copyright page of any and all print and/or ebook editions in which they appear:

Cover design by
N.D. Author Services

If you purchased other services related to the specific format of a publication, then combined services applicable (Editing, Print Layout, etc.) will appear in the first line of the attribution.

Templates & Specifications

If your press templates and specifications are publicly available, we will acquire them or may already have them. If these are not publicly available and a non-purchasing login account cannot be created, then you must:

  1. acquire templates/spec.s through your own login account, and
  2. deliver them to NDAS.

We will advise/help you as much as is possible. We will not use your press account to login, which is often illegal and may result in the termination of your account, as well as:

  1. expose your private information in the press system to others, and/or
  2. make NDAS a suspect for criminal use of your account by others, and/or
  3. subject you and/or NDAS to civil/criminal prosecution by your press.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Fonts…

Can I choose a font face/family?

Yes. Our font library is extensive. Provide the font's internal name (not “file name”) as displayed in a computer application, operating system, or online source. If the exact font is not in our library, we may suggest one or more that are close if not exactly the same. If the font is free for commercial use, then please direct us to an online source to verify and acquire it directly. Here are some sources for public domain fonts:

Can I show you a font I want used, even from another book cover?

Yes. Provide us an online reference to see the font in use, preferably at a large resolution. If the font face/family name is not displayed, we have utilities to analyze font imagery and discover a close or exact match in our font library.

Can I send you a font I want used?

No. It is illegal to redistribute commercial fonts. Please see “Can I choose a font face/family?” above for pertinent options.

About Images / Graphic Elements…

Can I choose the type of image elements to be used in my cover image?

Yes, within limits. We do not use studio photography to produce image elements, which would radically increase your cost.

We maintain our own growing stock library; you may submit upto four keywords (as for an online stock image site) to see if we have something usable for your cover. We offer free use of 1 such image per cover. We also work with imagery from “stock” vendors, which you purchase directly by our instructions and then deliver to us.

Show us URLs for images you wish to purchase elsewhere before ordering. We will advise you about resolution and other attributes needed for quality cover development work.

NOTE: Customizing a Premade Cover's image implies additional work billed by time and materials used.

Can you purchase images I pick out online and add the cost to my invoice?

No, and you do not want this. While we can do so, pre-order of imagery for a [potential] client has sometimes left us paying for an image on an order never submitted. In addition, purchased images are licensed to purchaser.

WARNING: if we purchase the image, the license lists “N.D. Author Services“ as the entity owning and controlling any purchased rights; rights are not transferrable through re-sale, which is illegal. Contrary claims elsewhere are false.

You must purchase and deliver an image for designated use if you wish to retain rights of use for the image(s).

Can I provide image elements for my cover?

Yes, with requirements. Provide verifiable documentation that you own and/or licensed correct rights for use in a commercial product. A copy of your purchase receipt or signed letter of release from a photographer/illustrator printed to a PDF will be enough. This is for your legal protection as well as ours.

You must also provide image(s) at suitable resolution / size for the designated work. Consult with us first before purchase, and we will advise you. We have an “upscaling” process superior to “resizing” which can be used in some situations when an image is not available at the necessary resolution.

About Something Else…

What if my question is only partly answered here or not at all?

Please contact us, as we are available to help you. Your question and the answer may be something to share herein with others.

[Further Content Pending]

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