Custom Covers

Prices & Rates

Price is based on time, processes and/or material involved; not a flat fee. Query us with your details and design needs for a price quote. Include the name and web URL of your chosen press for a print edition.

Cover Setup & Development

Our master template is 600ppi / 3:2 ratio for quick adaptation to other resolutions / ratios, as well as for HiRes and/or Retina-Ready ebook covers. Ordering for a different resolution or ratio on a single print format does not affect price.

NOTE: Ordering multiple print formats for the same publication requires re-rigging for each additional one and thereby affects price. However, when multiple formats are designed together (largest to smallest), collective development is [much] more economical than for individual variations ordered separately.

For ordering, payment and delivery, see “About >> Your Order.” When ready to order, see “Contact >> Submit Query.”

How It Works

  1. After invoice and payment, you submit the following via email attachment or download link:

    • any imagery purchased [by our instructions];

    • filenames for NDAS stock to use (as selected from previously provided thumbnail PDFs); NDAS offers free use of 1 of our stock images per cover order;

    • font names by text element applicable;

    • all other front/back cover textual content in a word processor document (DOC, RTF, ODF, etc.).

  2. The designer confirms requirements specified during consultation and/or ordering.

    • For print, templates & specifications are acquired from your press. See Template [& Specifications] for further details.

    • For ebook, 3:2 ratio is used for ebook-only projects; those with print editions use the print front cover reduced to 2048px vertical.

  3. Upon initial assembly, a half-size proof is provided for review and refinement instructions. Repeat upto 3 times. Refinement must be based on your original instructions; deviation into a new design requires re-invoicing.

  4. Upon your final approval or use of all 3 revision phases, additional products/services ordered requiring your cover (Social Graphics, Mock-ups, etc.) are assembled.

  5. Your cover and other materials in the invoice are delivered at the same time.

PSD (Photoshop CC) Master File

  1. Included in single orders totaling $200+ USD.

  2. If NDAS stock images [1 or more] were used, they are merged with other graphic layers to protect our purchased stock rights.

  3. If only 1 NDAS stock image was used, it will be merged with text layers to protect our purchased stock rights.


  • Image elements provided by you are never reused by NDAS, though they are archived with your project for 1 year from completion should you need additional products/services related to the cover.

  • Image elements licensed to / provided by NDAS will not be included in delivered materials.

  • NDAS does not guarantee against stock image elements being acquired/­used by other cover designers, authors or anyone else. No cover designer working with stock imagery can legally make this guarantee.



NDAS covers require attribution at the end of the copyright page of any and all print and/or ebook editions in which they appear:

Cover Design by
N.D. Author Services [NDAS]

If you purchased other services related to the specific format of a publication, then combined services applicable (Editing, Print Layout, etc.) must appear in the first line of the same attribution.

Templates & Specifications

If your press templates and specifications are publicly available, we will acquire them or may already have them. Many print-on-demand (POD) presses do so. If not publicly available through a non-purchasing login account, then you must:

  1. acquire templates/spec.s through your own login account, and
  2. deliver them to NDAS.

We will always advise/help you as much as is possible. We will not use your press account to login, which is often illegal and can result in the termination of your account, as well as:

  1. expose your private information in the press system to others, and/or
  2. make NDAS a suspect for criminal use of your account by others, and/or
  3. subject you and/or NDAS to civil/criminal prosecution by your press.

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