Resources: Security: ClamAV

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One security resource commonly cited by knowledgeable Linux users was missing from our listings. We had our reasons for the omission but have decided to correct this.

More world-wide institutions, government divisions, and private users are making the switch to Linux and open source software every season, month, and day. Yes, it is happening, though mainstream news has not fully kept up on this. Though Linux is the most defensible of personal operating systems, and free of daily OS corporation tampering, you still need other security measures.

Contrary to a longstanding myth, Linux is not invulnerable and never has been to malicious code. You need to be protected regardless of your OS of choice, and ClamAV is a more than viable option. It may also be a necessary one for Linux users.

Free and/or paid security applications for Linux from commercial companies is a dwindling market. This has been caused by both the myth of invulnerability and that Linux users favor open-source over other classifications of software. Hence some of the major corporate players in antivirus have stopped developing for this platform.

ClamAV is still thriving. Better yet, open-source variations are also available for Windows and OS X, upto and including the most current versions of either OS. See the links in “Resources >> Security.