Print Book Layout


Pricing & Rates

Service Rate Unit Minimum
Standard $7.50 USD 5K words +
1 Graphic or Table*
$45 USD
Extra Graphic or Table** $7.50 USD per 4 $7.50 USD
Add'l Print Format +25%   $30 USD
Ebook Compile/Validate +$30 USD  
* Table or other non-linear text block isolated from standard text flow.
** For count above allowed with "Standard" word count.

ATTENTION: English Only. Manuscript review required before ordering. “Product” Proofread not included (see #5 under Editing).


1 print format, 75k words, 20 graphics/­tables/­sidebars/­etc., all non-textual content ready as-is; cover supplied by author; ebook compile & validate.

  • Base: $112.50
  • 5 additional graphics/etc. above included: $15
  • eBook compile plus cover embedding: $30
  • TOTAL: $157.50 USD
Standard (1 Print Layout)

We can prepare your print content for any trim size and binding available through your chosen press.

Additional (More than 1 Print Layout)

NOTE: Multiple print formats require re-flow, block level adjustments and separate review, regardless of duplicate content.

eBook Export & Validation

If ordered as an addition, print layout is completed first. Its styling is exported directly to the nearest equivalent specifications and standards of the ePUB format (later converted if needed to MOBI, AZW, etc.). In addition, all ePUBs are subjected to code level review, manual adjustments & re-styling and triple validation:

  1. in the ebook layout application,

  2. in an autonomous utility, and

  3. online by the latest IDPF industry standards.

For ordering, payment, and delivery, see “About >> Your Order.” When ready to order, contact NDAS.”

How It Works

  1. After invoice and payment, you submit the following via email attachment or online download links:

    • all textual content organized in one file (DOC(X), ODT, WPS, or RTF format); standard manuscript format;

    • English language standard: US, GB, AU, etc.;

    • Internal imagery as separate files ready for embedding “as is”; consult with us if preparation assistance is needed. Consult with us for the correct way to note details of graphic placement in a manuscript file.

    WARNING: Do not embedded your graphics. [95+% of authors do so incorrectly in a manuscript and degrade their graphic content.]

  2. Layout technician [LT] confirms instructions specified.

  3. Front/Back matter are relocated and restructured by professional standards.

  4. Industry compliant copyright statement inserted for correct legal protections. NOTE: amalgamated from those of the top 5 USA publishers.

  5. Internal imagery (re)placed for correct position/anchor in layout.

  6. Table of Contents constructed by header hierarchy linkage.

  7. Final review of style and structure; we do not just export and deliver.

  8. Print-ready PDF proof delivered with instructions for your “Author Change Notes” [ACN] document returned by attachment.

  9. Step 7 repeated upto 3 times with standard fees; additional ACN cycles cost extra.

  10. ePUB compile, if ordered, after all ACNs completed.

  11. Final print ready PDF delivered with other products/services in same invoice/order. This includes layout source files.

Your NDAS LT is always available for questions through our contact email account; simply respond via that account and address your LT by name.



NDAS layouts for print require attribution at the end of the copyright page of any and all editions we create for you:

Print Layout by
N.D. Author Services

If you purchased other services related to the specific format of a publication, then combined services applicable (Editing, Cover Design, etc.) must appear in the first line of the attribution.

Templates & Specifications

If your press templates and specifications are publicly available, we will acquire them or may already have them. Many presses do so; this likely includes yours.

If such are not publicly available and a login account cannot be created (without placing an order), then you must:

  1. acquire templates/spec.s through your own press account, and

  2. deliver them to NDAS.

We will advise/help you in all ways legally possible. We will not use your account to login; this is illegal and may result in:

  1. termination of your account, and/or

  2. expose your private information in the press system to others, and/or

  3. subject you and/or NDAS to civil/criminal prosecution by your press.

Convert to Print

We handle conversion of eBooks should you decide later to produce a print edition. The content of an ePUB is relatively easy to extract, though the rest of the process is standard layout work. Let us help you and your publication cross the threshold into the print market.

ATTENTION: This requires an unencrypted version of your eBook.

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