NDAS does not participate in false advertising. (Example: no print mock-ups for an ebook-only release.)

Each order of cover, layout or ebook service includes 1 free mock-up; i.e. 3 free mockups for 3 services, etc.

Source file PSD not included.

Some allow primary objects rendered against a transparent background (PNG) useful with other graphics to make social banners, advertising, etc. These mock-ups are not marked in the gallery. If your chosen mock-up allows this, then you receive additional PNG-Object renders with transparent backgrounds.

About the Codes

3 parts with specific meanings. Example: PUB-TP001-3000

  1. TYPE: PUB (Publication), DEV (Device), etc.
  2. SUBTYPE & #: TP001 (Trade Paperback, Template 001) etc.
  3. DIM: max. horizontal pixels of final render.


  1. Select mock-up for enlarged view.
  2. Copy mock-up code displayed (1) bottom-left in enlargement and/or (2) as tooltip on mouseover of thumbnail. Do not send us a screen capture.
  3. Use code when you contact NDAS to order.


These must be observed to maintain quality render(s); if uncertain, consult with us:

File Format

For covers designed elsewhere, deliver such as a PNG, JPG, PDF or TIFF file in full resolution. Notify us if this includes bleed/trim zone for print.


For optimal results, 300ppi for print book mock-ups and 2048px vertical (preferred) for ebook device mock-ups. If your graphic is less than half of this resolution, template output may be reduced in dimensions to maintain visual quality.

Massmarket Paperback
5.[25]" x 8" [or ~5:8 Ratio]

PUB-MMP039-3000 PUB-MMP039-B-3000 PUB-MMP038-3000

Trade Paperback
6"x9" [or 2:3 Ratio]

PUB-TRD075-4000 PUB-TRD014-4000 PUB-TRD080-4000 TRD013-4000

Full Size
8.5"x11" [or 17:22 Ratio]

Hardback, Bonded
6"x9" [or 2:3 Ratio]

Hardback, Jacketed
6"x9" [or 2:3 Ratio]