Premade Covers

Product Price
Ebook Only Variable
+Print Cover Paperback +$30
Jacket +$45
Other +$??
Text Customization FREE
Image Customization (if possible) $30 / hour

Prices are listed by cover in the gallery. Consult with us about any cover for additional concerns.


  1. Select “Enter Gallery” then genre.
  2. Click any cover for enlarged view.
  3. Copy/note cover code and price [bottom-left of screen].

NOTE: do not send us a screen capture; all orders must include the cover code as text.

Image Customization

$30/hour by 1/4th hour ($7.50) if possible; consult with us for an estimate.

Font/Text Customization

Included; FOS (Free Open Source) fonts recommended; consult with us for options.

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