Resources: Internet: Privacy Badger

Most ad / tracking defense extensions for web browsers (and other web-enable applications) depend upon external subscriptions for identified malicious code… such as trackers. This includes ones we recommend(ed) in “Resources: Internet.” Time for something better!

Though Privacy Badger is still in “beta,” NDAS staff have tested it in both Chromium and Firefox. We encountered no problems so far. A few times we had to turn down its protection level on a few sites (with over 20+ code injections) using the simple slider accessed via its icon in the top-right of the browser’s URL bar.

PB algorithmically examines all tracking code your browser encounters. It learns… and then acts! No more subscriptions to update manually or automatically, and it is much easier to control. It will even attempt to keep a site fully functional while defending you if a corporation tries to force you into being tracked in order to use their site.

Oh yes, USA (and other) corporate sites are becoming notorious for linking site function to tracking code so that you cannot use their site without allowing yourself to be tracked.

Get Privacy Badger installed now! If you encounter a glitch in your travels on the web, report it to EFF, the makers of one of our other most recommended extensions, HTTP Everywhere. Be part of perfecting the best thing for your browser (and you) since antibiotics!

WARNING: If your browser cannot install Privacy Badger, you are using (1) the wrong browser and/or (2) a browser from a corporation that does not want you to have privacy. Fact.

Privacy Badger can now be found in our “Resources (for Authors)” site section.