NDAS Recovery!!!

Logo_400It turns out that the NDAS main site was not crashed as thought. The problem was Privacy Badger, a security plugin for a growing number of browsers, most of which we also recommend. Color us “red” as embarrassed for not thinking of this first, since PB is now installed in all browsers possible in use at NDAS.

By default, PB marks DropBox in “red” as a high risk tracker, and NDAS uses a DropBox account for imagery and other styling file support in its main site. DropBox is one the last cloud services (that we are aware of) which allows direct site embedding of cloud content. So anything linked in a site from such an account is blocked by Privacy Badger…

internet_privacy_badger_170When you visit our main site while using Privacy Badger, please click the “badger” icon in your browser’s menu bar, usually on the right side. Set any DropBox cookie protection to “yellow” instead of “red.” This will allow PB to set temporary cookies for DropBox content, and then those cookies will be deleted once you leave the site, so you are not tracked elsewhere for a visit to us.

Honestly, we understand the EFF’s concern with Dropbox, but a bug report has been filed for Privacy Badger on this issue. There are too many sites like NDAS that require cloud support. A yellow setting will still protect visitors while not crippling so many sites by default. And now we sheepishly returned to our regularly scheduled content!