The Dark eHorizon, or the Future of Self-Publishing

2015 crystalWe were considering an end of the year look at self-publishing into the future. Someone with long term commercial experience beat us to it. We do not agree with all finite details recently released from And we do not recommend the use of ebook aggregators vs. direct to vendor self-publishing portals. But we do think this editorial is 90+% on the mark…

Whether or not in “Mark Coker’s Publishing Predictions for 2015” dissuades any would-be self-publisher, forewarned is forearmed for those of you already in this industry. Please take a little time to read this editorial. Start planning for the hard times ahead, especially those of you (meaning 95+%) dealing with the devil called Amazon. Its schemes are growing and so is the pipedream it sells, but you will still have to deal with it just the same.

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