Update: Premade (e)Book Gallery, etc.

Logo_400Planned content such as new “Advice” articles has been delayed as we worked out further problems with  the “Gallery of Premade (e)Book Covers” as well as other site offerings. Other heavy work behind the scenes also cut into time available. Here is what has changed at NDAS...

Gallery vs. Site Function

Several visitors noted that the site’s main menu was sometimes crippled upon entering the “Gallery of Premade (e)Book Covers.” This was mostly about dropdown items in that menu not working.

The gallery has been repositioned so that it fills the site content zone upon entering. An “exit” item in the gallery’s menu now allows return to the full site. This will keep all things comfortably functional while we investigate further, though the new arrangement might be to the liking of most visitors.

Children-YA (Removed)

Not the covers; just this entry in the gallery’s menu. All covers in this category also appear in the other categories. “C/YA” is not a genre of “premise” like most other selections in the gallery’s menu. Only you know the age range of your intended audience, and there are plenty of covers (with more to come) to suit your work regardless of intended audience age.

Suspense/Thriller (Separated)

Separate gallery menu items have been created for these two previously joined categories. In the long term, “Thriller” may be removed, as all of its covers exist in other categories as well, but for now we will leave it.

Paranormal (Pending Consideration)

It was suggested by two interested authors that we create and populate a category for “Paranormal” and/or “Paranormal Romance.”  We will keep this in mind, though the first is a subgenre of “Fantasy” and/or “Horror” (maybe between the two) while the second is a cross of either with “Romance.”

We are not certain there would be enough profit involved to devote time and resources for such Premade covers; typically they are so specific to book content that they require custom work. If you have thoughts on this, please feel free to voice them. Use our “Contact” section at any time, as we are always willing to listen.

Other News

We are working toward opening up publicly to ePUB compiling custom work, a bit of which we have already done privately. While most self-publishing portals do a good job with transcoding a properly prepared but basic .DOC(X) file, some authors need help with a bit more. But first, to d├ębut this service, we are preparing the first in a line of simple “examples” our work.

The “NDAS Presents” line of eBooks will be

  1. collections of USA public domain works by a single author,
  2. compiled with one of our own premade covers, from the gallery or original,
  3. made available online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo,
  4. and priced reasonably to cover cost in development and resources.

At this time we will not be working with either Google Books or the Apple iBook section of iTunes as distribution points. Both of these vendors are highly problematic in different ways. All users of iOS and Android devices can easily install an “app” from the three vendors we have chosen. A majority of readers (and authors) have already done so.

And yes, we know such public domain works are freely available at known websites. We think we can present something a little better. The possibility of “print” accessories for each release is also being considered. We will have more on this topic in the near future.

Thank you for stopping by today.