Press Release: The Jane Austen Digest

Austen_Digest_1024This is the first release in our NDAS “Digest” series of public domain classics collections. We have been meaning to get this started for some time as examples of our ePUB / ebook services as well cover layout. This particular cover was once in our Gallery of Premade (e)Book Covers and was retired for use in this volume. Future volumes will more likely have covers composed directly from our large stock imagery archive.

If you have a need of something not specifically covered by site content / offerings, feel free to contact us directly. Work behind the scenes has also delayed us in other content promised. We put our clients first in all ways, but we are finding more spare moments now.

Watch for more concerning ePUB / ebook compiling services in the near future. For now, please see the NDAS “Book Shop” to learn more about our first sample title release.