Press Release: The Edgar Rice Burroughs Digest

This third release in our NDAS “Digest” series of public domain classics collections is now listed in the NDAS “Book Shop” along with links to sales points at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Amazon.

It was brought to our attention that not everyone owns a device from one of our three selected ebook vendors. While there is the option to produce and distribute our own “samples” through our own shop, we are still considering solutions for a few complications in that area. In the meantime...

Consider downloading and installing an ereader “app” for your operating system, be it your computer or a tablet device. And no, you will not need to then purchase an NDAS publication. You can get the sample for free like anyone else. In this, we recommend you try the Barnes & Noble “Nook” app first.

Another option is to acquire Calibre, the ebook library, viewer, and even editor available for almost all operating systems. You can find links to it in our “Resources” section under “Publishing.” Calibre’s internal ereader app will also show you an ebook based fully on its own internal styling and structure with a purity that even the Nook app cannot match. And if you are using a Kindle or Kindle app, you are really not seeing ebooks as intended.

We will have more news soon on other topics, as more changes are being made around NDAS.