UPDATE: Premade Covers

NDAS_Post_600ppiNew covers are now available in the Gallery of Premade Covers [see “Products > Premade Covers”] under drama, erotica, literary, and romance. Additional changes have also been made throughout the gallery for purchase convenience…

Tiered (Color Coded) Pricing

Color coding is now used to help customers spot covers within a specific price tier, though all clearly indicate price for both the eBook Only and Plus Print options. Most are now only $20 USD for “eBook Only”; some are priced higher based on (1) quantity of stock used, (2) preparation, and/or (3) necessary postwork. Covers marked “Full Wrap Ready” are $10 less vs. others for the “Plus Print” option.

More changes are yet to come, though prices will not alter any further… except during future special sales.