UPDATE: Premade Covers

NDAS_Post_600ppiNew covers are now available in the Gallery of Premade Covers [see “Products > Premade Covers”] under fantasy, horror, mystery, romance and suspense. If something you find therein is not quite right…

Custom Covers from Premade Covers

While adding your text to a Premade Cover is what they are about, there are more options available to you. Any such cover can become the starting point for a Custom Cover to save on cost. See “Custom” under “Covers: About” for further details.

When and if you are ready to use this special variation on a Custom Cover, copy the cover “ID” code of the chosen Premade Cover. When using the “Submit Query” option in “Covers: About,” there is a special field for entering that cover’s ID. And your query is simply a starting point for discussion; it is never a commitment to purchase.