You Title It!

OIG0709_512Example text for Premade Covers can be daunting after so many. We usually put them up 3+ at a time, but this time is different, and you can help out…

About This Cover…

  • 1 stock image
  • 2 artification (over)layers
  • 1 lighting (over)layer
  • 2 adjustment layers (curves and hue)
  • 1 watermark layer (for security, to be removed later)
  • total time to completion: 45+ minutes

The cover you see needs example text such as Title (maybe SubTitle and/or SupraTitle), ByLine (maybe SubByline), and perhaps TagLines (promotional phrases in available cover areas). Does that sounding daunting to you, too? Welcome to club… oh, and we’re serious about that!

Study this cover image, see what it inspires for the above text, and you decide how many of those to use. You can even suggest font families, if you like. Submit your suggestions through our “Contact” section. For your message “subject” enter “You Title It – OIG0709.”

Please note that the image can be adjusted in size to accommodate text. Once textual content for use is selected (from one or more submissions), this cover will be listed in the “Gallery of Premade (e)Book Covers” in the Green tier ($20/$70).

Since this is the first time we’re trying this, that’s all there is to it. In the future, we will try this again and perhaps turn it into an NDAS coupon contest, if response up to that point justifies this. Have at it, authors, or anyone else!