Jane Austen DigestTime for another change in policy at NDAS. All “Digests” in our little Bookshop are now FREE! While most of their content is in the Public Domain, the work in creating them, their covers, and some additional content are proprietary and belong to NDAS. Still, it just didn't seem worth the trouble to charge for them anymore. There are few catches to this change.

Kobo Only

Jules Verne DigestWe retain the rights to the labor and original content in our digests; hence only DRM protected distribution points will be used. The free “Samplers” have been discontinued both in stores and through download / sideload at NDAS. At present, all Digests themselves are only available through

Why? Because all other main ebook retailers do not allow forever free volumes in their stores. We cannot blame them, as storing ebooks cost money (oh yes, it does). Thankfully for us and you, Kobo is willing to foot that bill.

Non-Kobo Readers

Edgar Rice Burroughs DigestIf you do not have a Kobo ereader, you might still be able to get access to our Digests. Kobo apps are available for all platforms. Oh yes, even with some ereaders from another vendor, you are not locked into shopping for ebooks at one site.

If you are, there is a good reason to think about a different brand device for your next ereader purchase. No one should put up with that nonsense!

Future Digests

Edgar Allan Poe DigestYes, we are thinking about this. Yes, another one is in process. No, it will not be out anytime soon, and no, we will not tell you what it will be.

Our contracted work for authors and other clients has been increasing of late, so we can't even give you a timeframe as yet for another release. It will come eventually. We have too much fun putting these together to give up on this series.

Now go grab a free digest!