PRESS RELEASE: Zen and Music

Peace is hard to come by these days in a work-a-day or by the hour world. Sometimes even a bit of background music can't cut the noise in your head…

NDAS 365 Blank Journals

Our second two releases in our multi-series line of blank books for any need are “Zen” and “Music.” Maybe you, too, need a break without a break to find a little peace of mind. Take the time to empty your thoughts onto a page, so you remember that important inspiration for later, when you have the time for it.

To learn more and find current purchase points, browse the NDAS “Bookshop.” Additional vendors will be added once we have time do so. There are about 400 (and rising) variations soon to come in additional lines of NDAS journals.

If you know of other purchase points we should consider, then drop us a note. We are looking for legitimate PODs and not vanity presses masquerading as such (, etc.). All suitable suggestions are welcome.