PRESS RELEASE: Proofreading for Independent Authors

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A new volume in the N.D. Author Services [NDAS] "Independent Authors" series of instructional ebooks is now available through Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon: Links are in the NDAS Bookshop under "I.A." in the submenu.

All "I.A" publications are living documents. If and when updated with changes or new information, you will automatically receive the updated version in your chosen ebook account. You can note update status content by looking at the copyright page. And you can even drop by NDAS and send us suggestions.


We received requests from Kindle users wanting their own edition of the I.A. publications. We were resistant at first for good reasons, as these publications were intended to be free to everyone. Amazon still refuses to support free-forever ebooks like B&N and Kobo.

Access to these publications can be had by anyone in loading an app from Kobo or B&N into a tablet, desktop or notebook computer. Afterall, while working on your next publication, you would want these references available within that device—not in your ereader. But all things change...

To make these publications available for Kindle, we now have to charge the minimum price: $0.99. The same had to be set for B&N and Kobo editions, or Amazon would have taken down the Kindle version for price mismatch. (Yes, vendors use "spider scripts" to check competitor prices on a regular basis.) We hope this change does not drive off non-Kindle readers, but we will see.

NOTE: All free PDF editions had to be removed from the site as well.

Other titles in our Independent Author series are in process for conversion to ePUB and other ebook formats. It will take time around our primary duties to our paying clients, so please be patient. New titles may be in the works as well.