PRESS RELEASE: Mystery Blank Books

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Continuing our expansion of genre-based blank volumes—for authors or others—we present our next entry ready in 5 formats: MYSTERY!

[Book Cover]

50 unique cover designs in our standard 365 Day Journal/Diary and 150 page Lined , Grided or Blank Notebooks, all Trade Paperback size with blank table of contents and fully numbered main matter. Also our Mega-Journal format of 600+ pages in 5 designs with other cover art used for four internal section dividers. There's even a title page you can fill in yourself...

To learn more and find current purchase points, browse the NDAS “Bookshop” and look under “Journals.”

WARNING: This notice is coming a bit early; not all volumes in the Blank Book variation may appear in the page linked. If you wish to see all 50+ variations, just wait a day or two for them to be officially approved and shelved.