PRESS RELEASE: Monogram Journals and Notebooks

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We have been waiting a while to announce this new blank journal / notebook series. It is such a large product line that we are still working on it and likely will do so for a while to come. And so, we give you an early announcement as work continues.

[Book Cover]

Our monogram series currently includes icons for A-Z, 1-9, plus faith-based and sports icons on 6 different faux [photographic] textures. More icons sub-series will be added over time. In addition, most of the series will be available in two page counts and upto five internal formats:

  1. Journal (365pg; Lined)
  2. Notebook (150pg; Lined, Blank, Grid, Meeting Notes & Planner)

To learn more and find current purchase points, browse the NDAS “Bookshop” and look under “Journals.” Look to the right side of that subpage. If you have a notion about a particular type of iconography that would be popular with others, then drop us a note.