Now Available... FOR FREE!

The Alexandre Dumas Digest, Volume One: Celebrated Crimes

The first of Dumas' published works—well before he turned to fiction. Equivalent to about 1640 pages in trade paperback format. All for free and available through (only) Kobo and Barnes & Noble online as an ebook. Learn more in the “Bookshop” at NDAS.

Why Not Amazon

Because Amazon has made yet another dictatorial policy change. It wants to be the only source on its system for public domain content, however it is choosing to publish such works one by one instead of as collections. NDAS no longer wished to take part it Amazon's pettiness. We are looking for other outlets as well. And with this recent release, there is one more change.

Free as Air

All NDAS Digests are now free for the foreseeable future. Yes, this includes all past releases. Get yourself an account at either Kobo or B&N to take advantage.

Some may ask why we do not distribute unencrypted copies directly through our site. We did try that once with the very first NDAS Digest. Within 24 hours it was redistributed planet-wide on the Tor(rent) network, including having been re-branded as someone else's work in compiling the edition. We will not make that mistake again for the amount work involved.

If you are using an Android or iOS device, free apps are available for both book vendors. If you are using a proprietary (but up-to-date) ereader from elsewhere, you may still be able to load the Android app.

Site Updated

We are currently rebuilding our main site using a secondary development zone. Hopefully, this will be the last time for a while. Watch for changes in the near future, but yes, all standard sections of content and services will remain… with some new things to be rolled out later.