FireFox Gone - get WaterFox Instead!

For the longest time, Mozilla Firefox has [seemed] our great defender — but no more. With the newest version, Mozilla has added extensive telemetry and tracking code like never before. And it has also attempted to dictate which plugins — and search engine — it will let you use.

Time to dose that fire with WaterFox!

Built on the stable code of the last safe version of FireFox… WaterFox will defend your privacy better than Mozilla has in recent years. The developer is also studying how to use Mozilla open source code to continue further development into the the future.

For the full details of how to acquire this new browser, see “Resources >> Web Browser.” And yes, you can install it along side FireFox for testing purposes.

Be aware that many web sites will still try to aggressively track you and invade your privacy. All browser plugins listed in the same page for FireFox will also work in WaterFox, so use them!