CDs and DVDs… Really?

Logo_CD_Sleeve_1024These days, fewer and fewer devices come with a built-in CD/DVD drive. Digital storage and delivery are the growing standard. Yet for true protection of intellectual properties for an author or anyone (see “Cover Your Ass(ets), Part 4”), you may still need an ODD (Optical Disk Drive).

All operating systems come with drivers for such, at least for now, or you may get those when you purchase a portable ODD. Either way, any included applications for CD/DVD creation may not be the best or just overkill. Some as corporate software are also known to report activities of use if a live internet connection is available.

Why pay (one way or another) for that nonsense? Learn more about our simpler recommendations in “Resources (for Authors)” under “Utilities [Optical Disk Drives].” Unfortunately, we have yet to find a true cross-platform application for this need, so we present separate ones for the major OSes. All have been used at one time or another at NDAS.

BraseroBurnOSX ImgBurn XfBurn