Deleting the Digital Divide One Computer at a Time!

We would like all of you to take note as we have of an opportunity to assist others in need, namely underprivileged children. Likely each one of you can remember the first computer you ever owned. In this day, such a device is critical in education, and yet many students do without it.

Imagine if the first time you thought to write something, to have it read let alone published, that you did not have that computer. Imagine if you did not have it right now as your read this notice. And no, going to the local library or community center would not have been good enough.

Reglue, “Deleting the Digital Divide,” works hard every year and day to make sure that does not happen to any child within their reach, namely the Austin, TX area. If only there were such an organization in every major city of this USA or, better yet, the planet. Please take the time to visit and see what they are all about.