Update: Premade (e)Book Covers Available (Again)

Logo_400A solution for purchasing premade book covers on-site vs. by emailed invoice has taken too long. We finally have that partially worked out, though it needs further improvement. The Gallery of Premade (e)Book Covers is now functional again.

An alternative order form system has been implemented to by-pass PayPal’s longstanding flaws for some merchants. Thumbnail covers are (still) linked to enlargement previews. Micro forms below them have been replaced with only the cover’s ID code. This is pending development of links for those codes that when clicked will pre-populate the order form’s ID field during purchasing, but for now...

You will need to remember / copy the cover ID to enter / paste it into the order form. Yes, we know this is not convenient enough. Please bear with us, as technicians are working on the next phase. See the “Gallery” to review and learn more and take note of the new “Order Your Cover” entry in the submenu.

Other site areas will be converted to the new purchase form approach as time permits. Full “cart” integration will come last and much later. The last half year has shown that most selfpublishers looking for ready-made products vs. services do not need a cart system. Development of new premade covers will now resume around contracted work ongoing at NDAS.

Other important offerings will also be resumed, such as the far behind “Advice” for authors. Also coming soon will be a small semi-commercial something which might appeal more to readers of classic fiction that authors working in the modern market. This will mostly be the first sample of ePUB services to be openly announced though the examples will continue into the future. Thank you again for stopping by, and now we hope to be of better service into the future.