UPDATE: The Edgar Rice Burroughs Digest

Verne_Digest_1024This third release in our NDAS “Digest” series of public domain classics collections has been updated for the Amazon link in the NDAS “Book Shop” along with links to sales points at Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

Previously, Amazon rejected this publication on the claim that some content was not covered under US Public Domain status. After much fuss and little to no help from Amazon / KDP, it was discovered that 2 titles were in question for US P.D. Status; those have been removed. An additional title was discover as also under US P.D. and was added. If you already purchased this NDAS publication from any of our selected vendors, these changes will appear the next time you sync with your selected purchase account.

NDAS apologies for the confusion and any inconvenience. Steps have been taken to further improve our US and other region P.D. investigation and documentation system to avoid such problems with future volumes to come. In addition, we are considering production of additional regionally oriented editions of some digests where greater quantity of P.D. content is legally available for inclusion in editions made available outside of the USA.