UPDATE: Mock-Ups!

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You can get more than just a device or print mock-up to sell your book!

Imagine your cover on almost anything. Maybe a t-shirt, notebook, or tote bag. Or go big, and show it on a moving van, poster, billboard and more. In a virtual world, the impact you get is the same as on the street, so think outside of the box… or the book. We even switched to using available “Premade Covers” to demonstrate recently added mock-up templates.

NOTE: We are still rebuilding site content (again). Mock-up information / ordering has yet to be added. Until then, visit the “NDAS Mock-up Gallery” subsite [overlay | window] and then contact us. All mock-ups are $5 USD; we give package deal prices when you buy 3 or more. [Master template file not included.]

ATTENTION: NDAS will not involve itself in false advertising. Other than representing a cover only in varied ways, we will not render print or ebook (device) formats not currently for sale. (Example: ebook only publications may not be rendered as print editions, etc.)