PRESS RELEASE: Eastward and Tech

Inward and outward in the natural and technological worlds, you can travel where you wish. Many writers do so, so record what you encounter in an appropriate receptacle. We cover both of these worlds (in limited fashion) in our latest lines of blank journal designs…

NDAS 365 Blank Journals

Our newest two releases in our multi-series line of blank books for any need are “Eastward” and “Tech.” Much as they are more thematic than the last two series, they are wide reaching enough for varied tastes and topics. And again, these will look stylish on the bookshelf or on the go.

To learn more and find current purchase points, browse the NDAS “Bookshop.” Additional vendors will be added once we have time do so. There are now about 600 (and rising) variations across all current series of “NDAS 365 Blank Journals.”

NOTE: Finding additional outlets for our journals has been difficult while avoiding vanity presses masquerading as P.O.D. presses trying to get a piece the self-publishing craze. In addition, we do not attempt to do so until a series (1) has at least 60 variations or (2) is closed out permanent at a shorter count. As of now, the "Patterns" series is available for direct order through You will find the link in the Bookshop.