Continuing our expansion of genre-based blank volumes—for authors or others, as presents for yourself or someone else—we present you our next entry ready in 3 formats: ROMANCE!

50 unique cover designs in our standard 365 Day Journal/Diary and 150 page lined Notebook, both in trade paperback size with blank table of contents and fully numbered main matter. There's even a title page you can fill in yourself. But wait, we did say "3 formats"...

Our new format is the "Blank Book." Page numbered but otherwise fully blank pages for sketchbook, scrapbook, design record... or any other purpose that appeals to you without the need of lines, grids, etc.

The “Blank Book” format will likely be added to other themed series previously released, as time permits. To learn more and find current purchase points, browse the NDAS “Bookshop” and look under “Journals.”

WARNING: This notice is coming a bit early; not all volumes in the Blank Book variation may appear in the page linked. If you wish to see all 50+ variations, just wait a day or two for them to be officially approved and shelved.