How do I Deliver Publication Source Files to NDAS?

First, combine all files in archives (ZIP, ARC, etc.) for each project service you have ordered—Custom/Premade Cover, Print Layout, etc. Each archive should use a file name for the service to which it applies; use underscores / underline characters in place of all spaces in a file name. Now determine the archive file's size.

If 30 megabytes (MB) or less, then it is safe to deliver it as an email attachment.

If 31 megabytes (MB) or more, you must deliver it by cloud drive account; if even one file is this large, then it is better to deliver all of them together in this way.

NDAS currently maintains cloud drive accounts at and

Setup a free account at either service. Upload the archive files into a folder labeled “NDAS.” Contact us and we will provide you information needed to share the folder with our account.

In this way, you retain primary control over your own content. Once we have notified you of successful retrieval and storage of files in our offline project server, you can then delete all files from online storage.

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