Can I / How Do I Choose My Book's Fonts?

Can I choose fonts for my layout, cover, ebook, etc.?

Yes. Provide the font's name—not “file name”—and a web address to see it in use. Do no send a font file or font image sample unless requested.

If we do not have the font in our library, we may be able to acquire it or suggest a close match. We encourage the use of FOS [Free Open Source] fonts wherever possible.

WARNING: “Free for personal use” fonts are not FOS nor are they free for commercial use. You must purchase them for use in a commercial (for sale) product. For some FOS fonts, see the following, though we have many others:

Can I show you a font I want used, even from another book?

Perhaps. Provide the font's name—not “file name”—and [if possible] a web URL address as a way to see it in use. If it is a commercial font, we may recommend a close match in a FOS [Free Open Source] font. Perhaps better is to see the entry directly above.

Can I send you a font I want used?

No. It is illegal to redistribute commercial fonts. This may include ones pre­-installed with Windows or OSX. For ones you found elsewhere that are free for ”Personal Use,” this not the same as Public Domain and 99.9% require purchase / licensing for commercial use.

If the font is public domain or FOS [Free Open Source], then we may already have it. Supply the URL where you found/­acquired the font, so that we can verify its licensing by its current version.

WARNING: All fonts have versions; licensing can change by version the same as for any other code/­software.

For a commercial [use] font, can NDAS purchase it and add the cost to my billing?

No. You must purchase the font yourself [licensed to you for your publication] and deliver it with a copy of the vendor's receipt. You are better off consulting with us to find an pseudo equivalent FOS font.

Questions and answers above are now part of our FAQ page.

N.D. Author Services [NDAS]

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