Can You Enlarge My Cover Image Stock?

Potentially, yes; we use a scripted upscale process plus specialty plugins, not the basic Photoshop enlargement. "Resizing" and "Upscaling" are not the same process. Quality is affected by the quality & resolution of the original image file you send us. Typical quality upscales should be no more than 150%; occasionally 200% may be possible.

What size / dimensions do I need for my cover?

For eBook to support all devices, including retina and/or high-res (not the same) ereaders and tablets, 2048px vertical with 2:3 ratio (trade paperback) is recommended.

For Print we need your final format dimensions plus trim zone size; typical resolution at most self-publishing presses is 300px per inch. Original image should be no less that 50% of the cover's vertical dimension.

Can you upscale for me if I don't need your cover services?

Yes; $10 USD. Provide the above information and/or consult with us. Turnaround after ordering is 24 hours minimum. You will receive 150% and 200% enlargements via private cloud download link.

How much is upscaling with your cover design services?

No additional charge. Needed upscaling is included in cover development. Quality of result is still limited as mentioned above.