Press Release: The Trasker Project

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Book One of the Gizaki Trilogy

Tom D Wright

Cover by N.D. Author Services

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Dark unspeakable secrets lead Hana to the edge of a cliff to take her life...instead, she awakens hours later, unable to remember her name, let alone what led her to the edge.

And for some reason, she's on a bus to Portland.

Facing what drove her to the brink will mean confronting dark memories from her abusive past, while learning the truth about an enigmatic research foundation with projects around the globe...which may involve an inhuman presence. As she begins to recall details about a lost sister, an absent mother and a father she can't put a face to, she struggles with her own growing feelings for the foundation's charismatic leader, while untangling cryptic secrets with implications regarding the fate of the human race.

Can Hana confront the pain of personal growth and find the courage to heal from PTSD and abuse, without driving herself to the edge again?